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Breakfast (served all day)

Brazilian Breakfast Pocket (BBP)
Our answer to the breakfast taco
Includes our spicy Malagueta Sauce

BBP with egg, bacon, sausage, and mozzarella cheese $3.25

BBP with egg, spinach, green pepper, tomato, onion, carrot, and mozzarella cheese veg $3.25

Make it a Samba Combo - BBP and coffee $4.65

Pastel de Banana
Sweet banana and cinnamon stuffed thin flour dough pastry veg $2.75

Açai na Tigela veg gf vegan
Organic Amazon super-fruit served frozen and blended with fresh banana, apple juice and a kick of guarana. Granola adds protein and a tasty crunch. $6.95 add granola $1.00 add sliced banana $1.00 (as a smoothie, $5.95)




Pão de Queijo Trio veg gf $3.25
Cheese breads made from yuca root and parmesan cheese Original, Basil & Roasted Red Pepper (3 rolls)

Aipim Frito veg gf vegan available $4.25
Yuca root fried like a French fry and sprinkled with parmesan cheese, served with our spicy malagueta sauce

Mexilhões com Leite de Côco gf $10.95 inform server for gluten-free
Elias' famous mussels sautéed in a buttery coconut milk reduction with garlic and toasted coconut, served with parmesan crostini breads

Asa de Franginho gf $7.25
Our take on a Texas favorite, baked chicken wings served with our spicy malagueta sauce (8 jumbo wings)

Um Pouco de Tudo $15.45
Sampling platters of our salgadinhos (savory pastries). Served with yuca fries and Rio’s Brazilian Malagueta sauces. Choose from:

  • Com Carne: Risoli de Camarão (shrimp), Pastel de Feijoada (black bean, beef, sausage with collard greens), and Bolinho de Aipim com Carne (yuca root pastry with ground beef and hearts-of-palm gf)

  • Vegeteriana: Bolinho de Aipim com Queijo (yuca root pastry with roasted red pepper & smoked gouda gf), Pastel de Espinafre e Ricota Caseira (spinach, handmade ricotta cheese, and lemon zest), and Pastel de Batata Doce e Mascarpone (sweet potato and mascarpone cheese)




Salads & Soups

the Jaca $5.45 veg gf vegan available
A mix of jackfruit, white beans, tomato, bell pepper, green apple and fresh spinach; tossed in a white balsamic jackfruit vinaigrette

Add roast chicken $2.50

Pedra Bonita $5.45 veg gf vegan available
A mix of fresh roast beets, tomato, green apples, bell pepper and mixed greens; served with handmade spicy pecans and a peach gorgonzola dressing

Add roast chicken $2.50

Soup of the Day gf**
Ask your server about today's lates creation - always made fresh in-house

Cup $3.95

Bowl $5.95

**Ask for Gluten-Free! - We'll substitute a cheese bread for any bread accompanying soups.




Salgadinhos are handmade savory pastries enjoyed throughout Brazil. Named by the dough and what’s inside, they are delicious and filling. Served with our spicy malagueta sauce. $4.40 each. Choose from:

Risoli de Camarão
Flour dough savory pastry with sautéed shrimp, garlic, tomato, onion, and green pepper, then rolled in bread crumbs

Coxinha de Frango
Flour dough savory pastry with shredded chicken breast, garlic, tomato, onion, and green pepper, then rolled in bread crumbs

Beef with tabuli, mint, onion, garlic, and tomato

Pastel de Espinafre veg
Thin flour dough stuffed with sauteed spinach, handmade ricotta cheese and lemon zest

Pastel de Batata Doce e Mascarpone veg
Thin flour dough stuffed with sweet potato and mascarpone cheese

Pastel de Feijoada
Thin flour dough stuffed with beef, sausage, black bean, and collard greens

Bolinho de Aipim de Queijo veg gf
Yuca root pastry stuffed with smoked gouda cheese and roasted red pepper, then rolled in toasted yuca flour

Bolinho de Aipim de Carne gf
Yuca root pastry stuffed with ground beef, hearts-of-palm, green pepper, garlic and tomato; then rolled in toasted yuca flour

Make it a Samba Combo! Order one salgadinho, then add:

Add an extra Salgadinho + $3.45 (limit 1 extra)
Add a Salad + $3.95
Add Cup of Soup + $2.95
Add Yuca Fries + $3.65
Add Cheese Bread Trio + $2.50

Limit three total items. Combo valid per person only.




the Tijuca Sandwich $8.95 Veggie version available
Tropical chicken sandwich with pineapple, crême de leite, carrots, and spinach served on toasted wheat with a side of yuca crisps and our spicy Malagueta sauce

Frango á Milanesa $9.25
Chicken breast filet breaded in bread crumbs topped with melted mozzarella cheese, crème de leite, tomato, and romaine and served on toasted wheat with a side of yuca crisps and our spicy Malagueta sauce

Jardim Botânica $9.95
Our incredbile Kibe (beef, tabuli, mint and garlic) shaped into a burger and served on a toasted bun, topped with melted mozzarella cheese, romaine, tomato and a creamy poblano relish; served with a side of yuca crisps and our spicy Malagueta sauce




Estrogonofe de Frango gf $11.95
Tradtional Brazilan chicken stroganoff with mushroom and a pink crème de leite sauce, served over fresh garlic rice and topped with yuca crisps Vegetarian version available / Vegan available

Anjinho Cavatelli $14.95 veg
Handmade cavatelli pasta infused with our house-made ricotta cheese, served with sauteed spinach, carrots and mushrooms in a white wine parmesan cream sauce

Add Roast Chicken $2.50
Add Shrimp $3.50
Add Picanha $4.50

Picanha Gorda gf $19.95
The most popular cut of meat in Brazil, this delicious 8oz top sirloin is pan-seared in thin slices and served over fresh mashed potatoes, sauteed spinach and topped with fresh sliced shallots

Cristo Redentor gf $15.95
Polenta encrusted tilapia filet served with garlic rice, fried banana and a kiwi salsa fresca

Bobó de Camarão $17.95
Traditional yuca root puree with shrimp, tomato, onion and green pepper, served with rice and banana farofa Gluten-free available




Pudim de Leite $5.95 gf
Traditional Brazilian flan served with fresh whipped cream

Mousse de Chocolate com Maracujá $6.25 gf
Rich chocolate and passion fruit mousse served with fresh whipped cream

Pastel de Banana com Sorvete $5.25
Sweet cake made with yuca root and coconut

Doce de Mamao Verde $6.25 gf vegan available
Green papaya, coconut and cinnamon pudding served with lemon sorbet




Tropical Juices $3.95
Made at the Café with pure fruit pulp, sugar and filtered water

Passion Fruit

Açai $5.95 vegan
Organic Amazon super-fruit as a smoothie, blended with banana and apple juice

Coffee from Casa Brasil $2.45
Purchased directly from sustainable Brazilian farms, roasted in Austin

Hot Teas from Zhi Tea $2.75
East Austin tea house shares their fragrant blends

Black Passion Fruit
Tropical Green
Yerba Maté (Brazil, organic)
Herbal Roibus (S. African Bush)

Iced Tea $2.45

Iced Coffee $2.95

Flavored Iced Tea (add juice) $2.95

Mexican Coke $2.95

Topo Chico $2.75

Sodas $2.25

Diet Coke

Dr. Pepper
Guarana $2.75

*Rio’s Brazilian products are produced in a facility that may also process milk, eggs, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybeans. Gluten-free items are made with 100% gluten-free ingredients.
**Tables of 6 or more guests will include an 18% service charge.



Beer, Wine & Coqueteis


Zonin NV Prosecco, Italy $8
Crisp, dry Italian sparking wine with apple and citrus notes and a mild finish

Segura Viudas Cava Rose, Spain $8
Crisp, dry Italian sparking wine with apple and citrus notes and a mild finish


CaipirSake $8.50
The National Drink of Brazil made with Ty-Ku Junmai sake, muddled limes and sugar

the Carmen Miranda $10.50
Coconut-infused Junmai sake served in the style of Caipirinha with muddled lime, pineapple, and toasted coconut; shaken and served over ice

The Girl from Ipanema $10
Frozen açai drop served in bubbly prosecco

Tropical Mimosa $9
Sparkling Prosecco served with your choice of Passion Fruit, Mango, or Guava juice

Tropical Sangria $6
Luscious mix of tropical fruits and sweet white moscatto, served over ice

White Wines

Vinho Verde, Famega, Portugal (2012) $6/$22
Flowery and effervescent, this traditional Portuguese wine has a firm, long finish with notes of minerals and citrus peel

J Lohr Flumes Crossing Savignon Blanc, Orroyo Seco, CA (2012) $9/$35
A mental Tropical vacation, lovely fruit nose with a dry acidic finish

Racines de la Terre, Chardonnay, Pays D'oc, France (2011) $8.50/$32
Pale yellow with green highlights, this Chardonnay from southern France is crisp, fruity on the nose, and finishes with pear, passion fruit, and a light buttery finish

Red Wines

Alberti 154 Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina (2011) $8.50/$32
With aromas of plum, coffee and some smoke, this medium bodied Malbec finishes with a wide tannin structure and a hint of leather

Concha Y Toro Diablo Carmenere, Rapel Valley, Chile (2011) $6.50/$24
Dark and deep crimson red, Don Melcher caught Lucifer steeling this bold, up-and-coming grape

Apothic Red, California (2011) $7.50/$28
A captivating blend of three distinct grapes (syrah, zinfandel, and merlot), we’re envious of this wine’s Facebook following


On Tap
The freshest beer in Austin, brewed just four and a half blocks away from the Café!

Live Oak Liberation Ale $5
Light in color and strong in hop character, this American IPA has citrus notes and full malt character

Big Bark Amber $5
Vienna-style lager with smooth, malty flavor and low hop bitterness; a drinkin’ amber


Xingu $5
The only Brazilian beer available in Texas, this lightly sweet black beer has the flavor of Bahia-in-a-Bottle

J.K.'s Scrumpy Hard Cider $8.50
Amazingly delicious, organic and gluten-free! (22 ounces)

Dos X X $4.50

Budweiser $3.00

Bud Light $3.00

Lonestar Tallboy (16oz) $3.00


Ramos Pinto Lágrima White Port $8
Aromas of chamomile and orange blossom prepare your palette for ripe fruit, touches of honey, and a persistent finish. Served chilled.

Warre’s Warrior Red Port $6
For over 300 years the Warre family has produced this full-bodied port, rich with wild red fruits and hints of spice

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