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The Austin Chronicle

"Those talented Brazilian boys from Rio's have found a home for their fabulous foods at The Vintage Lounge." link pdf June, 2009

"An exotic taste of Brazil...a slight spiciness adds a delicious kick." - Listed #1 in "Top 10 Local Products in My Kitchen" link pdf January, 2009

"Rio's popular Brazilian salgadinhos, soups and salads have found a permanent home at this retro-hip Downtown lounge." May, 2009

"[Ben and Elias] use family recipes and traditional ingredients to bring an authentic slice of Brazilian culinary culture to our city." link pdf July, 2009

Austin-American Statesman

"Brazilian products by local couple finding more outlets." link pdf January, 2009

"What's in Your Fridge?" link pdf August, 2008

"The comments we're getting are inspriring. People are very responsive, it's validating." pdf August, 2008

L Style, G Style Magazine

"So good you'll want to eat the sauce with sauce on it." link pdf January, 2009

Texas Monthly

Blog, Eat My Words; "It's an incredibly fun taste experience, sweet, spicy, and full of flavors." link pdf May, 2009

Austin Monthly

Austin Food Journal

"My favorite food was Rio's Brazilian's Kibe (beef, tabuli and mint meatballs). Fantastic. Perfect pairing with their spicy original sauce." link May, 2009

Insite Magazine

"Though they occasionally take a catering gig, they've been focused on creating a line of fine packaged Brazilian foods, which includes 3 bottled malagueta sauces and 3 flavors of frozen pao de queijo (a traditional, gluten-free cheese bread that's positively addictive!)" link pdf August, 2009

Envy Magazine

"Using traditional family recipes and a knack for being in the right place at the right time, the charitably conscious duo developed a series of fine-packaged Brazilian foods and sauces." link pdf September, 2009

The Austinist

The Austin Herald

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